Want to Join PAPS?

There are two types of PAPS Members:

Active Members

  1. Membership Eligibility – All applicants must devote at least 90% of their professional time to pediatric surgery.
    1. Geographic- The member must currently practice pediatric surgery in a country bordering the Pacific Ocean. If a member moves out of the Pacific area, membership may be retained by fulfilling the other membership requirements. The geographic member applicant must have practiced pediatric surgery for a minimum of one (1) year prior to applying for membership. He/She must continue to practice in the area in order to become a member.
    2. Applicants that do not live in Pacific Rim Country can apply if they have attended at least three (3) PAPS meetings in the past 10 years. Please list the PAPS meetings attended in the preceding ten years.
  2. The Application Process:
    1. Any member, by letter to the Secretary of PAPS, may sponsor a candidate for geographic membership
    2. The completed application and accompanying documentation must be submitted online by April 15th to be considered at the May Board meeting.
    3. The application must be accompanied by a letter from the sponsoring active member of PAPS  and supporting letters from two active members of PAPS
    4. APPLICANTS FROM JAPAN Must first contact PAPS - Japan Board Members and obtain a letter of recommendation to the PAPS Secretary from PAPS - Japan. After you have your letter from PAPS-Japan, use our online form and include the letter with your submission.
  3. Election to Membership:
    1. Candidates must first be approved by the Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting, and must then be elected by a membership vote.
    2. Membership for successful candidates begins on September 1st of the year in which they are elected.

Philip King Members

  1. Spouses of deceased PAPS members are encouraged to apply for this membership category.
  2. The deceased member must have been in good standing at the time of his/her death.
  3. Members in this category may attend the Annual Meeting at an Accompanying Person's fee and receive the mailings of the organization.
  4. This is a non-dues paying, non-voting social membership category.
  5. Application is by a letter to the Secretary.
  6. Membership approval is by the Board of Directors. No membership vote is required.

Forms: Membership Application Form

Membership Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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About Us

PAPS is one of the largest pediatric surgery associations in the world but quite unique with an uplifting and fun sense of family between all members and guests. We are much more relaxed than any other surgical society. We don't even allow neckties at any PAPS meeting....wear one and it will be quickly cut off!

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