PAPS 50th Celebration Tour FAQ

Book your PAPS 50th Rosario Resort Whale Watching Excursion and Dinner using the buttons at the bottom of this page. 

  • What is the PAPS 50th Anniversary Rosario Resort Whale Watching and Dinner Excursion

    • The PAPS 50th  Anniversary Rosario Resort and Whale Watching Excursion is a single day trip on June 1st. This is consider an ADDITIONAL trip after the end of the scientific PAPS meeting and is therefore an additional reservation and fee. 

  • Why is this being offered? 

    • PAPS started in 1967 and the first meeting was held at Rosario Resort 50 years ago. We are returning to celebrate the founding of this amazing surgical society

  • Is PAPS 50th Rosario Resort and Whale Watching Excursion part of the PAPS Conference Tour?

    • No the PAPS Conference Tour is the Boeing Plant Tour, Chihuly Glass and Garden Tour, and the Space Needle Tour. All expenses for the PAPS Conference Tour are included in your PAPS registration but the PAPS 50th Rosario Resort and Whale Watching Exclusion is not included in your PAPS meeting registration.

  • Where is Rosario Resort?

    • Rosario Resort is on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands about 90 nautical miles (150 km) north by northwest of Seattle. The only way to get to Orcas Island is by boat, ferry, or seaplane. 

  • When is the Rosario Excursion occurring? 

    • The 50th Annual PAPS Scientific meeting concludes at the downtown Seattle  Waterfront Marriott at 11:30 am on Thursday June 1st. The Rosario Resort and Whale Watching excursion will leave Seattle's Pier 69 at 12:00 noon on Thursday June 1st.

  • Where is Pier 69 in relation to the Marriott?

    • Pier 69 is across the street and 200 meters to the North. Cross the street and make a right along the waterfront, you will be there in about two minutes walk.

  • How will we get to Rosario?

    • The Victoria Clipper III is a high speed catamaran power vessel that travels at speeds in excess of 30 knots. This vessel will be our whale watching vessel and will take us to the whale watching, then to Rosario, and then back to Seattle all on June 1st.

  • That sounds fast. Is the Victoria Clipper III a rough boat ride?

    • No, the Victoria Clipper III is a very stable high tech vessel and the ride is very steady and comfortable.

  • What is included in the Rosario Resort Whale Watching and Dinner Excursion?

    • Round trip scenic sight seeing transportation aboard the Victoria Clipper to the whales and Rosario Resort

    • Box lunch and departure beverage aboard the Victoria Clipper III

    • Once in a lifetime whale watching experience with the Orca whales near the San Juan Islands. Likely other sights include sea otter, bald eagles, and amazing coastal scenery

    • Full sit down catered dinner at Rosario Resort on the water front at the Rosario Resort Beach House 

    • Champagne Toast at Rosario Resort to celebrate the 50th anniversary of PAPS

    • Digital group photo of our PAPS group at Rosario 

  • What is the itinerary on June 1st for the Rosario Resort Excursion

    • 11:30 am PAPS meeting officially adjourns

    • 12:00 Noon: Leave Seattle from Pier 69 aboard the Victoria Clipper III

    • 2:30 PM: Passage through the infamous and picturesque Deception Pass waterway between US Mainland and Whidbey Island

    • 3:30 PM-4:30 PM (approx) Whale watching

    • 5:00 PM: Arrival at Rosario Resort

    • 5:00-6:00 PM: Enjoy scenic  vistas and sites of Rosario Resort

    • 5:30 PM: Optional Organ concert at Rosario Mansion Pipe Organ

    • 5:50 PM: PAPS 50th Group photo

    • 6:15 PM: Dinner

    • 7:45 PM: Victoria Clipper III departs Rosario Resort for Seattle

    • 10:15 PM (Approximate) Victoria Clipper III arrives in Seattle, Pier 69

  • How much is the 50th Anniversary Rosario Resort and Whale Watching excursion

    • $200 per person (US Dollars)

  • Is their a lower fee for children or discount for multiple reservations?

    • Yes, Al children age 1 and up count towards are 200 passengers but we get a discount on their dinners

    • Age 11 and up - $200 

    • Age 5-10 - $160

    • Age 1-4 - $125

    • Under 1 - Free

  • Are reservations required?

    • Yes! You can make your reservations here at the bottom of this page! 

  • If I make a reservation, but later find out I can't make it, are there refunds?

    • No but you can sell your reservation to someone else and we will substitute their name for yours. The transaction and transfer of funds of your reservation to your substitute is entirely your responsibility. You must  also notify us immediately of the new passenger names per US Coast Guard regulations.

  • What time will Victoria Clipper return to Seattle?

    • Estimated return time to Seattle is between approximately 10:00 and 10:30 PM on June 1st.

  • I heard we can stay overnight or longer at the Rosario Resort, is that true?

  • If I stay at Rosario, will the Victoria Clipper III come back for me on another day?

    • No, not at Rosario. The Victoria Clipper III is chartered for our one day excursion on June 1st only and then it goes back to its regular service to a different Island (see the next FAQ question).  If you stay at Rosario, you need an alternate method to get back to Seattle which is a small extra expense that will be your responsibility.

  • I have decided to stay at the beautiful Rosario resort. How do I get back to Seattle?

    • That's easy and a ton of fun!!!! You have a few options: all reservations can be made for you by Kirstin Ruddy of  Victoria Clipper Vacations. Contact Kirstin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    • Take Kenmore Air Seaplane directly from Rosario Resort to Seattle. Estimated price for the 45 minute flight is $155-$165 per person but its a beautiful flight!

    • Take the ferry from Orcas Island to see the picturesque town and port of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island (30 minutes trip). From Friday Harbor, you can take a Kenmore Air Seaplane from Friday Harbor to Seattle. Estimated price for the 45 minute flight is $155-$165 per person but its a beautiful flight! Alternatively, the Victoria Clipper's regular route is back and forth to Friday Harbor. Take the Victoria Clipper from Friday Harbor back to Seattle ($58 per person)

  • I've decided to stay at Rosario Resort. What is there to do at Rosario?

    • Tons! There is kayaking, hiking, fishing, a full restaurant and bar, a beautiful marina, several pools, and an award winning spa. There is also the Moran Mansion museum and a very impressive pipe organ with daily concerts and stories from Museum Curator and Rosario Resort Manager Christopher Peacock. This is one of the most romantic places in the pacific northwest and the nearby Moran State Park has a lot of cool outdoor activities. There is also the beautiful and quaint town of East Sound just 6 miles away and a shuttle comes every few hours to take resort guests into town or to the ferry.

  • I've decided to stay at Rosario Resort but also want to explore the other San Juan Islands. Where do you recommend?

    • There are several cool things to do on all of the San Juan Islands. Besides Orcas Island where Rosario is located, San Juan Island and Lopez Island have a lot to offer too. I highly recommend a trip to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. The town is a bustling village with great food and activities daily. From there, you can get a 20 minute shuttle to Roche Harbor, my favorite marina in the whole world . Another absolute picturesque storybook resort in the San Juan Islands.

  • Are there other PAPS members staying at Rosario? 

    • YES! Several, including your local organizing Chairman! He will be in the Rosario Resort Marina on his boat and will host a Thursday night sunset party!

  • Where can I find more information?

RESERVATIONS for the PAPS 50th Return to Rosario Whale Watching and Dinner Excursion aboard the Victoria Clipper III, use the BLUE Buy Now button below! Limit of 200 people! (As of 5-10-2017,  192 of 200 spots are reserved)



Other Options:

For overnight reservations to stay at Rosario Resort instead of returning to Seattle, contact Jolene Versailles at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Seaplane via Kenmore Air, call Emily for a special PAPS 10% discount at 425.482.2211 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Be sure to mention PAPS


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