The PAPS 2020 Conference APP is now available for your smartphone or tablet. 

  1. Download EventPilot app from your app store

  2. Launch EventPilot

  3. When prompted to find an event, enter “PAPS20”. (Warning: code is NOT PAPS2020... a common mistake). If you already have EventPilot with another event loaded, select "find event" from the menu and then enter "PAPS20". Follow the same steps to reload the other event whenever you want.

  4. TAP "BROWSE sessions by day" to see the daily schedule 

  5. Functions: Select an abstract to see all the exciting features

    1. Touch the PIN icon in the upper left corner to see where an abstract is being presented
    2. Touch the UPLOAD icon to send the abstract to various storage options on your smartphone
    3. Touch the COMMENT icon to make live comments on an abstract
    4. Touch the PAGE icon in the upper right corner to make notes on a specific abstract
    5. Touch the STAR icon in the upper right corner to highlight your favorite abstracts
    6. Touch the CALENDAR icon in the upper right corner to remind you where an abstract appears in the schedule
    7. You can watch videos or see other media of each abstract by scrolling to the bottom of the abstract
    8. Tap on the speaker and then the mail icon to correspond with a speaker 

IMPORTANT This is a NATIVE app; the LATEST DOWNLOADED VERSION will run without internet (except links to our Youtube videos). It even runs in airplane mode. Also, We will update the conference schedule frequently BEFORE AND DURING the meeting.  ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ACCEPT NEW UPDATES


Google is banned in China which might make it difficult for Android users from China to download the EventPilot app from Google Play Store. Alternatively, you can get the app by downloading the app directly onto your smart device by using the link below on your smartphone browser. Then input the PAPS20 code as above 

If you are from China, and still cannot download the app, please use the web based app.


You can also download the online WEB-BASED APP. This allows you to look at the app with a regular laptop or PC when you are on the internet through the following link: https://eventpilotadmin.com/web/page.php?page=Home&project=PAPS20



Quick Links - Virtual

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  • Virtual Meeting Schedule - COMING SOON!

Next Events

Dates Nov 8-12, 2020
Virtual...Anywhere and Everywhere
It's a Small World After All 

PAPS 2021
April 11-15 2021  (UNCONFIRMED)
Tainan, Taiwan

PAPS 2022
Dates TBD
Bali, Indonesia

PAPS 2023
Dates TBD
Melbourne, Australia

PAPS 2024
Dates TBD
Quito, Ecuador


About Us

PAPS is one of the largest pediatric surgery associations in the world but quite unique with an uplifting and fun sense of family between all members and guests. We are much more relaxed than any other surgical society. We don't even allow neckties at any PAPS meeting....wear one and it will be quickly cut off!

Join PAPS to share ideas and meet great new friends.


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