CURRENT APP IS THE 2017 Seattle Meeting

2018 will be available by the end of April 2018


There are two versions of the app available...a native app for your smart phone and another web based app for your lap top.

Smartphone: Download the following to your Smartphone

  1. Go to your App Store (Android, iphone, etc)
  2. Download EVENT PILOT app
  3. Launch EVENT PILOT
  4. Search Events for “PAPS” and download 
  5. Browse and enjoy!

Important points:

  1. This is a NATIVE app which means the LATEST DOWNLOADED VERSION will run without internet or phone access. It even runs in airplane mode (except external links to our Youtube and vimeo videos).
  2. We will publish updates periodically. UPDATES will automatically download to your Event Pilot via wifi when connected (confirm “yes” when prompted to get the latest info). If you say “later”, the last version of the PAPS data will be displayed until you allow the next upload
  3. Home screen will have important announcements. Return to homes screen to see the upcoming events.
  4. Wifi will be available in the conference area.

Laptop or tablet: Click on the following to your laptop for the Web based app:


Web Version Quick Link
Available soon

 Important points:

  1. This is a WEB - BASED app which means the LATEST  VERSION runs while connected to the internet
  2. Home screen will have important announcements. Return to homes screen to see the upcoming events.
  3. Wifi  and internet access is required for the Web-Based app (which will be available in the conference area).

You will likely find all of this on your own, but here is a more detailed explanation


  • Home: Returns to the main start up screen, self explanatory

  • Schedule:

    • Day by day schedule at a glance
    • Touch on a session to see the moderators and list of posters/presentations and name of presenter
    • See who is moderating a session


Touch the moderator name to see what else they are doing

Touch a presentation within a session to see the abstract

Touch the name of the presenter to see what else they are presenting

Within each session or presentation: 

  • Upper Left Icons

    • Touch the pin-into-map icon in the top left to see where the talk or session is occurring
    • Touch the Upload icon to email, tweet, or Facebook the talk (our twitter hashtag #papsmeeting is automatically added)
    • Make public comments that other attendees can see using the bubble icon
  • Upper Right icons
    • Add a talk or session to YOUR SCHEDULE by touching the calendar icon in the right upper screen
    • Touch the star icon in the right upper corner to mark the talk or session as a favorite
    • Touch the note icon in the right upper corner to take notes on that particular talk
    • Videos are available to watch in their entirety (if the author supplied a YouTube or Vimeo video link)
    • Connect with the speaker via their email address directly through the email icon
  • General Info
    • Touch this icon to get basic info about PAPS
  • Speakers
    • Touch this icon to take you to all the speakers and special guests.
    • If you sent us your picture, you are in here!!! If you are not in here, you did not send in your picture …and don’t blame us….You were asked!

More (we are updating the app…this may change soon)

  • See list of exhibitors and their locations
  • See your own notes and presentations you highlighted by labeling with a star
  • See the venue and local maps
  • See any contacts you saved
  • Go directly to twitter (our hashtag is automatically entered as #Papsmeeting)
  • Tie in to your facebook
  • History: This is Not PAPS history, this is your own APP history. Useful to go back and see what you recently looked at.

Several useful PAPS information tabs

  • Current officers and board members
  • Past officers
  • Useful presenter information

Also, from the home screen, scroll down and you can also

  • Click on an announcement (colored banners) for important upcoming info
  • Browse By Day
  • Browse By Classification (poster, oral presentation, video, etc)
  • Browse By speakers (attendees included here)
  • Build your own schedule by selecting sessions or talks
  • Find nearby restaurants and attractions
  • Use the Powerful Search Engine within our meeting

Remember: WIFI is NOT necessary to run the NATIVE Smartphone app but is required for the web-based app. You need wifi to get updated versions.

Cool Features

  • Register to use social commentary using your facebook account
  • Live Chat to other registered members during a session for comments
  • Tweet using #PAPSmeeting

 Welcome to the new PAPS

John Meehan

Next Event

PAPS 2019
March 10-14 2019
Christchurch, New Zealand

PAPS 2020
Dates TBD
Bali, Indonesia

PAPS 2020
Dates TBD
Quito, Ecuador


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