Hybrid (Virtual) Meeting - PAPS Travel Exemption List

 PAPS Travel Exemption Country List

  • The PAPS 2022 meeting in Quito was intended as an in-person live event. However, we understand some travel restrictions still exist for many countries. Most of these restrictions are because of COVID although other issues also exist. Therefore, a Hybrid (virtual) option is available for participants (both presenters and attendees) who reside or work in countries where travel restrictions from COVID or other political events imposed by their COUNTRY preclude their travel to Quito. Only countries on the PAPS TRAVEL EXEMPTION list below are offered this option. The list of counties will be updated weekly. People who select one option and their country status changes will be allowed to swap into the other category and their money will be refunded (if their country suddenly lands on the list) or pay the added cost if they later elect to attend in person.
  • IMPORTANT: The virtual-hybrid option is NOT available as a personal preference or because of any hospital policy your place of employment may have.
  • Regardless of Hybrid (virtual) or in-person, you MUST be registered in order to present.
  • Members MUST have their dues paid in full to get member rates.
  • Trainees must be in training in order to get trainee rates (proof is required)
  • Please register on this site to get to all conference benefits including meeting admission, meals, social functions, and access to the EventPilot app. You will be able to download the PAPS 2022 EventPilot Conference App by early September (code will be PAPS22).

PAPS Travel Exemption List - Eligible for Hybrid rates

  • Ukraine
  • Japan
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Afghanistan
  • Russia




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