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Welcome to the 53rd Annual Scientific Meeting of the Pacific Association of Pediatric Surgeons. This has been a challenging year with the COVID-19 crisis impacting  us in so many ways including how we care for patients and share information. This year's meeting originally scheduled in April of 2020 in Tainan was postponed to November. But in-person meetings are not possible currently so we have changed the PAPS 2020 meeting format to VIRTUAL.

The dates of November 8-12th will stay the same and a new detailed schedule is now on our SCHEDULE page. Some minor changes are still possible but all updates going forward will be done through the Event Pilot App. The App will be CRITICAL to the meeting so be sure to download it in either the smartphone or desktop form (or both). All APP information can be found HERE.

All presenters can include their hard work on the CV's. Presentations awarded an oral podium presentation are converted to Zoom presentations as 3 minute videos.  Moderators will invite each presenter show their paper live via slide shows or videos. Meanwhile, the online audience will be encouraged to ask questions. All posters and quick-shot oral presentations will be converted to ON-demand audio PDF's available to guests whenever they want. All aspects of this new program are easy for both authors and attendees. Manuscript decisions will be made at the meeting and the authors notified soon thereafter. All accepted manuscripts will be published in Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Register for the 2020 PAPS Virtual Meeting HERE!

More details and instructions for presenters are available HERE. Thanks for joining us virtually!

  • John Meehan, MD FACS
  • PAPS 2020 Program Chair
  • Seattle Children's Hospital


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PAPS is one of the largest pediatric surgery associations in the world but quite unique with an uplifting and fun sense of family between all members and guests. We are much more relaxed than any other surgical society. We don't even allow neckties at any PAPS meeting....wear one and it will be quickly cut off!

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