PAPS 2020 VIRTUAL MEETING: Post-event Access to Webinars and Presentations

The meeting has concluded BUT you can still watch all sessions, webinars, and see all  audio PDF Posters and Quick Shot presentations


APP ACCESS FEES (Please Note: If you registered for the meeting, you already have access)



 After Meeting Access


$50 USD


$75 USD


$35 USD


  • Select and watch ALL 15 scientific Recorded Zoom Meeting Sessions through March 12th, 2021 (more than 100 scientific presentations)
  • On-Demand Access to all Conference App Audio PDF Quick Shot Presentations (100 abstracts)
  • On-Demand Access to all Conference App Audio PDF Posters (60 abstracts)
  • On-Demand Access to all Conference App Surgical Technique Videos (23 videos)
  • On-Demand Access to the recorded JPS Keynote Lecture by Spencer Beasley on the 2019 Christchurch Shooting Massacre
  • On-Demand Access to the recorded Coe Medal award to Jin-Zhe Zhang and celebration of this famous pediatric surgeon's 100th birthday
  • On-Demand Access to the recorded GAP Fellow Reunion


  • LOGIN to the PAPS20 event
  • USERNAME is the email address used to register as an attendee
  • Password is your LAST name
  • Make sure you use the email address used to register you as an attendee.
  • You must login to use the webinar and see all the features

Cancellation/Refund Policy

No Refunds

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About Us

PAPS is one of the largest pediatric surgery associations in the world but quite unique with an uplifting and fun sense of family between all members and guests. We are much more relaxed than any other surgical society. We don't even allow neckties at any PAPS meeting....wear one and it will be quickly cut off!

Join PAPS to share ideas and meet great new friends.


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