Preliminary Abstract Submission Information

Abstract submission is OPEN here!


Educational Objectives

The PAPS Annual Meeting is designed to provide comprehensive continuing education in the field of pediatric surgery.  It is PAPS’ intent to bring the world’s leading authorities together with presentations and discussions of the most recent clinical and research efforts. Our organization is focused on clinical pediatric surgery and the international, cross cultural sharing or clinically innovative surgical techniques. Surgeons at our meeting concentrate on learning the newest surgical techniques which may have initially been developed and popularized in one country and can now be applied on an international scale.

ALL Presentations 

Please upload your abstracts through our abstract submission portal and select ORAL, VIDEO, or POSTER. Fill in the standard format for all abstract submissions with sections for Purpose, Method, Results, and Conclusion. Character count will be limited to 2000 characters (about 300-325 words). 

Oral Presentations 

Please upload your abstracts through our abstract submission portal and select ORAL. Highest scored abstracts will be awarded an oral presentation with 3 minute presentation and 2 minute discussion for clinical papers and 4 minutes plus 2 minute discussion for basic science categories. All abstracts accepted for ORAL presentation are eligible for paper submission. If the abstract is presented by a trainee, then the presentation may be eligible for the PAPS Prize Session and the PAPS Prize in either the Basic Science or Clinical category. 

Video Presentations 

Please upload your abstracts through our abstract submission portal and select VIDEO. Presenters will be allowed a 4 minute video presentation plus 1 minute for discussion. DO NOT ALLOW YOUR VIDEO TO EXCEED 4 MINUTES . The video MUST be narrated in English. A short descriptive abstract must also be uploaded to the abstract submission portal along with the video itself. Please follow the same Purpose, Method, Results, Conclusion format as best as possible even if your video is simply showing a case report or a new technique. Video format MUST be MP4 file ONLY. 

Poster Presentations

You can also opt for a POSTER ONLY presentation without consideration for a ORAL. Additionally, abstracts not selected for ORAL presentation may be awarded a POSTER presentation. Posters will be AUDIO PDFs in the conference app; a PDF with a short 2 minute audio to accompany your PDF. 

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PAPS is one of the largest pediatric surgery associations in the world but quite unique with an uplifting and fun sense of family between all members and guests. We are much more relaxed than any other surgical society. We don't even allow neckties at any PAPS meeting....wear one and it will be quickly cut off!

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